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Treasure Castle Hunt

"Look, the castle is here !" said Wiz the Wizard.
"The treasure is ours. We just have to go to the basement" replied Donny the Dwarf.
"Are you sure there is no danger?" asked the Elve.
The fellowship was assuming it was the end of the adventure.
But they were wrong.
This small castle is full of suprises. Orcs, Skeletons, and a dragon will have to be defeated before they'll be able to steal the treasure, hidden in the tower.
It is up to you to decide if they will succeed or not. The only thing we know is it will not be easy for them

The model is a medevial tower lost in the forest. The legend said a treasure is hidden in this tower. And it is protected by orcs, skeletons and even a dragon.
Four adventurers will do their best to fight all the enemies and to fool the dragon.
The tower is made as a modular: the different levels can be removed. For the basement with the dragon, the walls can move to ease the access to it.
As in all good castle, there is a trap from the upper level giving the access to the basement. Be carefull, adventurers !

I built it because I'm a huge fan of castles. I find them interesting to build and to play with

This tower would be a nice Lego Ideas set as it could expend the number of available Castle sets we have today. With more castles, more stories could be imagined.
Also, this castle is introducing orcs and elves and skeletton so it could fit also with other universes than Castle.

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