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Purple Rocks

Hello everybody ! Welcome aboard LL421 !

On the way to the planet Purple Rocks. Here the seeds germinate in the stones ! This results in strange flowers that seem to have a special energy...

When the Spacemen discovered this planet they decided to establish an outpost to study these plants. A botanist and a mechanic work there permanently.

But today the radar has spotted Blacktrons around the planet. So they decide to call one of their friends, the LL421's pilot, to check that they are not coming to plunder the planet.

The Idea

I've got the idea for this set while playing with the 10497 Galaxy Explorer and the 40580 Blacktron Cruiser . I noticed that on the radar of the Galaxy Explorer there is the Blacktron logo and on the dashboard of the Blacktron Cruiser there is the Galaxy Explorer !

I first wanted to make a small fighter with colors of Classic Space. The outpost came to complete the story.

Inventory and playability

This small set of more than 750 pieces is a playset that includes:
  • The LL421 spaceship
  • The outpost with 3 rooms : the botanist's laboratory, the command post with the radar and the engine room with an energy generator. This building opens in order to easily access to the three parts.

There are 3 figurines:
  • The pilot
  • The botanist
  • The mechanic


The construction technical are simple. There are two technical that I like : the one used to make the yellow and black stripes on the wings and the one that allows the tilting of the fins of the ship.

It was also nice to spend time to designing the ship's dashboard and the torsos of the Spacemen.

I hope you like the idea !

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