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Modular Arcade With Upstairs Apartment And Light Up Sign


About This Project:

This project is a modular arcade with upstairs apartment and light up sign. The roof and the second floor can be removed for access inside the building. The first floor can open up in half for even more access inside the arcade. The exterior walls of the arcade have murals on them of Ms. Pacman characters and a character from Space invaders as well. On the top of the arcade in a large arcade machine and the light up arcade sign using a Lego light brick. The light brick is built into the sign and can be switched on with the switch sticking out the back of the giant arcade machine. Inside the arcade are many types of games like a shooter game like duck hunt, a dance game, a test your strength game, a guitar hero type game, a racing game, the claw game, and some more traditional arcade games. There is a change machine beside the dance machine and a spare one out back on the loading cart beside the bike. There is also a concession stand where pizza, hot dogs, burgers, cookies and drinks are for sale. There is a ticket exchange where you exchange the tickets you won playing the games for a prize or two. There is the Millennium Falcon and a tie fighter hanging above the arcade floor for decoration. Out back behind the store is the staircase to the upstairs apartment. Inside the apartment there is a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen. She also has a pinball machine in her kitchen instead of a dinner table. She also has a retro arcade table top type game. In the bedroom on the wall is a Pacman inspired painting. She also has a newer style game console beside her T.V. and the controller is on the couch with her headset. There is a fish tank and the fish food is on the little table across the hall. There is a coat rack with a jacket on it beside the door. The windows in the bathroom and the kitchen are stained glass. There is also some stained glass above the door to the apartment and the bedroom window too. 

Play Features:

  • Modular building.
  • Roof and second floor are removable.
  • First floor can open up in half.
  • Arcade sign can light up using a Lego light brick.


  • Eight minifigures and all minifigure accessories shown in the pictures.
  • Lego light brick.
  • A bike.

I built this project because I loved going to the arcade as a kid to play video games and I love Lego and I thought it would make a cool addition to anyone's Lego city. If you like this set idea please support and follow. Thank you very much for your time and support.

Happy Building.


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