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Knight's House


The knight's house consists of a large imposing hall with a small false ceiling made of wood.  In the center of the room, there's a big table with some crockery and four stools for the knight to enjoy his meals with his wife as well as family and friends.

To the left, as you enter the hall, there is a big fireplace that takes up a large part of the wall.  There are also two boxes set in the corner. Hanging over the fireplace, there is a wooden shield with two swords.

To the right, there is the cooktop with plenty of bottles, pots, knives and a chicken thigh.  The knight's armor is set close to the arched window, with its shining metal plates. A staircase leads up to the bedroom containing two beds.

The woodshed full of logs is outside, next to the chimney.  A block and an axe are placed nearby to chop the logs when needed.  A cow quietly grazes on the scattered tuft.

The set is modular: the roof comes apart in two pieces, as well as the false ceiling.  The empty wall turns on its hinges for better playability.

The knight’s home is made up of 1040 bricks and contains 2 mini-figures: the knight and his wife.

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