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Yellow Monster Cab


Today I want to introduce my "Yellow Monster Cab". It is inspired by the New York Yellowcab taxies and by the LEGO set 9464 "The Vampyre Hearse".

I wanted to build an 8 studs wide hearse but different from the existing set. Then it turned into a imousine which Looks like from the late Fifties. So what could be the purpose? So it became a Monster cab for - let's say - different customers like the spooky minifigs.

It Features suicide customer doors, a dragster engine with a blower, fat sidepipes with NOS flames, a trunk to open and really good stance. The Taxi sign, the fender checkers and the door decals could be Stickers, the checker pattern inside is made from 1 x 1 tiles.

The set contains the cab, the driver and a customer. It has 259 bricks.

So if you like it - support it, and feel free to comment.

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