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Philadelphia Trolley

Well here is one for all the train and trolley fans out there, the Septa Girard ave Line trolley from Philadelphia, PA. This model is based on a retro trolley the city brought back into service in 2006 and is still servicing the city today. The model is a as close to real life as i could get using Lego creator. Model can accommodate mini-figures, is not intended to run on electricity however i am sure could be adapted to, and would be a great addition to any Lego street scene or being pushed around a child s train track.

Model is intended for at least two Mini-figures, one being the operator and the other being a ticket steward for added old time feel. the model can accommodate several other figures however these are only represented here by generic red stand-ins. the platform is done in simple yet elegant styling and the car itself was painstakingly worked on with attention to true detail.

Here is a view of the rear of the car and the interior. some artistic liberty was taken with the interior as no good pictures were available, and i felt that doing this scheme would best show the details given the platform it was built on.

Here is an actual picture of the real life Trolley in operation in Philadelphia. Living in the area and seeing these roll down the street was always an interesting change in the norm. these cars always catch attention as they lumber up and down the street and are unique to the city. while similar models are in service in other cities such as San Francisco, this one will always remind me of home.

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