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Modular Building: Travel Agency with Studios

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This project compiles several sources of inspiration. I always wanted to do a building with a kind of an “old town”-look that had statues included in the architecture on the front façade. As I was designing it in the LDD I came to think: who sculptured those statues? That’s how it came to be that I put a sculpture studio on the second floor. The pictures tell more than words can do. As for the music studio on the third floor, that was just for the fun of it. I imagine that the musician is actually tone-deaf and he and his neighbor always get on each other’s nerves because their respective profession disturbs the other in his work.

As for the Travel Agency on the bottom, we have seen a lot of airports in Lego, but never an office in the city where you can buy your trip. The pieces on the walls in the small office are supposed to represent pamphlets over different tourist attractions. Top floor is an attic, and on the outside you can see a birdcage where someone is breeding pigeons.

Lastly we have the truck that picks up the finished statues. The two men are quite sweaty for carrying the heavy products, but fortunately there is an elevator so that they don’t have to carry them down the stairs.

Pieces: 3530.

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