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Moller SkyCar M400


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Moller SkyCar M400 by ModularSculptr

2018, nearly two decades after the future's promised arrival of the flying automobile.  To answer this call, Moller International of Dixon, California has developed the M400 Series Experimental Skycar.  This technology is viable and operational today only awaiting a navigational network before mass manufacture and marketing is feasible.  But in case the reader does not have $500,000 for a custom built version, take this little baby out for a spin instead!  It can be yours for less than 1/10,000th the price of the real thing! (Sorry, low monthly financing is not available at this time.)

While the actual Moller SkyCar M400 has a range of 800 miles (1,287 Km), a top speed of 300 MPH (463 Km/h), and a ceiling of 36,000 feet (11 Km), this faithful and studlessly aerodynamic replica is highly swooshable and can actually fly...just as far as it can be thrown.  Not only that, but the four engine nacelles tilt 75 degrees from Flight to VTOL Configurations.  This is made possible by a geared system of internal Technic parts connecting them all by a central drive shaft.  Just think how impressed your best gal (minifigure, of couse) will be when you land in her driveway, literally sweep her off her tiny plastic feet and take her out for a night on the t- um, rather, a night above the town!

The 6-stud wide cockpit is relatively spacious compared to the original, easily accommodating two, perfect for newly-weds and empty-nesters.  The whole vehicle is 9 inches (23cm) from nose to tail, almost 8 inches (20cm) wide with a height just under 4 inches (9.7cm).  And, did I mention the options package?

The base model has 352 pieces; only 15 of which are moving parts so maintenance is easy.  But for virtually nothing extra, we will throw in an instruction manual, a colorful shipping box, ID stickers and 11 extra parts comprising the landing gears (optional...not really.)  Talk about value!  So, why wait for the future to happen on it's own?  You can have it now!

But seriously, thanks in advance for your consideration and/or support.  Comments, critical or otherwise, are most welcome.

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