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Modular Music: Music Studio

Modular music: music studio is a modular building completely dedicated to music!

Inside features;
Floor 1: 
  • Small townhouse record and sheet music shop.
  • Out back, the owner of the townhouse has a small porch.
  • Reception area to music studio, and upright piano.
Floor 2:
  • Music studio with keyboard, organ, cello, speaker and mike. 
  • In the organ room there is a arm chair, side table, and cuckoo clock.
  • Near the cello is a couch and a couple of trophies.
  • Small bedroom with ladder to loft.
Floor 3:
  • Composers shop with ink and quill, desk, lamp, and music.
  • Sound artist and song writer’s apartment.
  • Small bed and stove oven.
  • Large sound control console, old fashioned radio, trophy, drum set, guitar, and microphone with speakers.

Who would want stairs when you could have an elevator, and elevator MUSIC! The elevator can also be hooked up to LEGO motors. Watch below with and without power functions.

100% built in real life and with existing LEGO parts, enjoy.

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