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Forest Fort


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Hidden deep in the dark woodlands of medieval Europe stands the old Forest Fort. It’s a safe place to hide if you are being chased by the law… and no one knows this better than the Hooded Outlaw!

Fire at the enemy from the catapults on the Forest Fort and the Out Post then store away the treasures you captured…  in the secret loft!

This set consists of three different parts:

  • (images 1-3) Forest Fort - 99 pieces
  • (images 4 & 5) Out Post   - 88 pieces
  • (images 6 & 7) Old Tree   - 50 pieces

The set also contains eight accessories (image 8) and a minifigure (image 9).

Altogether the set contains 249 pieces.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me make next or on updates for this set, please leave a comment.

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