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Power Functions Solar Panel

I have always wanted to be able not to use batteries for my power functions, then there was the rechargeable battery box but that was not good for the planet! So I came up with the idea of having a solar panel!
My first idea was that you use a cable to attach it to a motor.

But then how would you turn it on and off? So I came up with putting a switch on it.

This did not satisfy me so I went further and came up with another idea which is to plug it into the rechargeable battery box!

But how would you know it needs charging?

So I put lights on it! Red means it is low on energy (so put in the sun), green means it is full of power and it's ready to play!

My idea wont be cheap, but it will help save money over time, allowing you to buy more kits than if you used batteries!

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