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Batman's Tumbler

This is my second project on cuusoo and I hope you like it.
Please also support my first: Batman-The Red Hood Chase

This is the tumbler from 'Batman Begins' which includes Ra's Al Ghaul, a new designed Alfred and Batman. Batman will come with a batarang, Alfred comes with an axe and Ra's should have two swords.

This set should cost about £15. If you have any ideas for another villain please tell me in the comments along with any other ideas.

The Tumbler includes a flame at the back to show jet power. It also has two flick missiles at the back to make a gap in the wall when ever he needs to get out of a tight space. The Cockpit window and roof open at the same time and fits at least one minifigure in it.
The actual vehicle is very sturdy, I decided to fit the wheels on the side of the car instead of in the middle to make it look more like the actual Tumbler.

I also included a bus stop type thing for Alfred to stand on as The Tumbler comes roaring throughout the Streets of Gotham.

I hope you like this set and please do not forget to comment and support.

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