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CLASSIC SPACE: The Rocket Booster


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This is the CLASSIC SPACE Rocket Booster! :D This set is based of the theme, CLASSIC SPACE. This set is skiny and long, has two minifigure's, has a control panal, has two lasers and is really cool. :P :)

Pic 1: The ship. :)

Pic 2: The CLASSIC SPACE minifigure's in their cockpits. And also a better view of their controls. :)

Pic 3: The boosters, I took it off so you could see how I designed it. :)

Pic 4: The bottem of it. :)

This set would make a great edition to any other classic space sets you have. :)  Building instructions will be made at requests. :) Hope you like this and please support! :D :)

Please check out my other classic space project! :D :)


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