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Amsterdam Skyline

This is a collection of some of the most iconic pieces of architecture in the pittoresque city of Amsterdam, capitol of The Netherlands. This skyline features a great mix of the centuries old, world famous architecture, next to a newer identity that Amsterdam wants to create for itself. These buildings iclude:

- The Munttoren or "Mint tower" (on the far left), is more than 500 years old and feature a unique sounding carillon, that brings a unique ambiance to the city centre.

- The National Monument on Dam Square on the busiest square on the city, built in 1954 as a tribute to those who fought for this country during the second world war.

- The Rijksmuseum, the most popular tourist attraction in The Netherlands in a unique building, designed by Pierre Cuypers. It features a national gallery of arts and history.

- The Magere Brug or "Skinny Bridge" is a well known bridge over the Amstel, a large river that goes trhough the city.

- The greenery can be found on the whole set, as Amsterdam has a lot of parks, including the large Vondelpark.

- The iconic Amsterdam Houses, that make up a large part of the average streetscape in Amsterdam. They are all unique, but still look very much alike. One fun detail is that the front parts aren't completely vertical, they are slightly slented, as this provided more storage space.

- The blue and white ferry connects Amsterdam North to the rest of the city. It is free of charge and always going. This ferry has become an essential part of the daily life of a lot of locals.

- The A'dam Tower is a relatively new building that features an observation desk to look over the beautiful city.

- The NDSM (on the far right) is a blooming neigbourhood on a former ship constructing terrain. It is now a place of arts, recreation and culture. 

This set is a tribute to a city in which I have lived for a couple of years. It is still one of the most beautiful cities that I have visited and it deserves to have its place in the LEGO Architecture Theme.

I hope this would bring as much joy to look at, as I had while I was building it!

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