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The Lorax


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This set is based upon the 2012 movie of The Lorax, which is based on the book by Dr. Seuss.

The house is a mix between what is in the book and the movie.  The minifigures are the main characters from the movie. (from left to right): The Once-ler with his Thneed, Grammy Norma, Ted's Mom, Ted, Audrey, Mr. O'Hare, and The Lorax.  

I have tried to simulate the fluffy-ness of the Trufflala trees with Technic gears.  

The house has three separate floors.  The first floor has The Once-ler's kitchen and table, the second has his bed, a night table and a lamp, and the third has a chair and lamp with a dresser.  You can take each floor off, so you can play and/or look in the building.  It can also be played with when it's put together, because of the features on the outside of the building.  This set contains 639 pieces.

Please support this project if you like it, and think it would make a great LEGO set.  Feel free to comment and follow.

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