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Vintage Tractor: Massey Ferguson 35

I built this based on a tractor that we used to own. I've tried to model it on a Massey Ferguson 35 tractor, although difficult as I didn't quite have all the pieces needed!

It has steering designed similar to a tractor with a very tight turning radius. The steering is aligned down the side of the engine, similar to the original tractor. 

It has 4 cylinder in-line engine and a cooling fan, connected to a rear differential. Valves go up and down as the tractor is moved along.

Power Take-Off (PTO) included and which can turn various attachments. Currently have only built a deck-mower, but the blades of the mower turn as it is moved along. Also the mower deck can be raised and lowered.

Seat moves back and forward.

Have added finer details to the engine area, including oil dipstick, alternator and exhaust pipes.

Check out images of a Massey Ferguson 35 online for likeness.

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