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Old School Hot Rod


Hello LEGO friends

Here is the old school Hot Rod.

As already announced in my project of the "Hot Rod Dealer"
I introduce you to the fifth of five hot rods.
These hot rods are based on both a new and older design basis.

This Hot rods as well as the other four and also the buildings
for my LEGO City Hot Rod Town,
I designed based on images from the WWW that I was looking for
classic hot rod images from the 60s and 70s.

As with all my LEGO projects, this project was a lot of fun
to develop it for my Lego City Hot Rod Town, Lego City and Speed Champions.
Also in this project, my ambition was to make the Hot Rod so realistic
as possible, but also as playable as possible.

Also with this project I pursue the vision to enrich the Lego world.
So that the little and big kids can play with it or just collect it.

If you like this Hot Rod and Hot Rod from the 60s / 70s and Lego,
Please click on the support button,
You are welcome to comment on this project as well as my other projects.

Although the Hot Rod Dealer is the last building for now,
I will publish one hot rods here.

Construction continues! ;-)
Brick on! ;-)

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