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Fire & Ice Chess Set


Here is a chess set for LEGO fans and chess fans alike. 

These chess pieces are on a base that is 6-studs square, the pawn stands about 2" (50mm) tall and the king stands about 5" (125mm) tall. These would fit nicely on a board that has spaces that are between 2-1/4" (58mm) and 2-3/4" (70mm) square. 

The pieces are shown on a LEGO board just for a visual, this set is meant to be displayed and/or played on any chess board such as a coffee table or in a game room or rec. room etc.

This set as shown (without the board) consists of 1575 LEGO elements. This may sound like a lot of elements but almost half of them are single stud pieces and many others only 1X2 pieces, this should keep the cost down.

Notice in the pictures that each rank is carrying a special item or two; the pawns have a sword and shield, rooks have a flag, bishops are carrying a unique staff, queen has a staff of fire or ice, respectively and the kings are wielding axes. The knights are more like dragons rather than horses, each with wings, fire breathing and ice breathing; fire knight with two horns and ice knight with one horn. Each of the major ranks are surrounded in their respective, fire or ice.

Please support and you can have fun building this set as well as beating your opponent at a good game of chess!

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