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Wright Flyer - The First Airplane

What is it?
Hello everyone! Today I'm presenting to you my new project. It's a copy of the first airplane called 'Wright flyer', which had made by Wright Brothers. I've tried to recreate its appearance with different building techniques. For example, I used thin bars instead of axles, white plates and slopes to show wings, elevator and tail rudder. The model has some functions:
  1. First function is chain drive to propellers. The chain drive starts at the output of the engine and goes to the two-blade propellers. You can rotate the output shaft and the propellers'll rotate too.
  2. Second function is adjustment elevator. This mechanism is also implemented by chain drive. At the one end there is a handle. At the other end there is an axle with elevator. If you rotate the handle, the elevator rises and falls.
  3. The last function is adjustment tail rudder. I've decided to implement this with lever arm. At the pilot place there is an axle, which enters in technic brick. Lever arm attaches to tail rudder. When you move the axle, the tail rudder rotates.
I've made the black pedestal with sign of the Flyer and, of course, Wright Brothers in minifigure scale.
Why did I build it?
I build it because I've watched the TV program about the genius engineering of the Wright Flyer. So, I've decided to recreate it with using Lego bricks and bring something new to the community.
Why I believe this would make a great Lego set?
I believe that it would be a great Lego set, because It's a functional model of a famous airplane. I think there are many people, who are interested in this theme. If you like this creation, leave feedback.

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