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Monster Fighters Headless Horseman

I think the monster fighters theme looks out of this world. I just wish it had a headless horseman. If LEGO were to produce this project it could have a minifigure torso without a post for a head. It would look so much better than this quick rip-off of a LEGO kingdoms set. I can actually think of several applications for a headless torso. That's Ichabod Crane being scared away.

He would look much better if he did not have a neck post. I do like the horse though. I think his name is Mortis. I love all the scary pumpkin heads that are available in the LEGO game Monster 4.

Many minifigures are terrified of the Headless Horseman, but he is really just looking for a simple yellow smiley head to use. If he finds a head he can not use he tosses it in his cart. If he ever finds a yellow smiley head he won't have to stay out all night looking for one.

I really need to get a better camera. Perhaps if I get a following for this idea I will invest more time, effort, and money into making a real MOC. The horse would be better if it was a newer mold as well, but I guess I'll just have to wait until LotR LEGO hits the stores. Until then long live the headless horseman.

A mold similar to this would be needed if the project were to be done correctly. This is a poor photo, but it does the job of showing a minifigure torso with a stud in place of a post for the neck. This could be capped with a 1x1 round tile to hold the cape and look like a headless neck.

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