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Train , Narrow gauge, saddle tank Peckett Locomotive

I was inspired to build this as I had been informed by a fellow BrickLinker that LEGO was once made in the UK by a company called Courtaulds, based in wales.

I was looking the Google images for Courtaulds, which led me to the image of the Peckett Steam 0-4-0 Locomotive that was build for Courtauld's Castle Works at Flint.

It was a challenge as I have never thought about building a Train, and I had to think about how to build it.

The actual train is a 0-4-0 type, built for use on the UK's Narrow Gauge track.

The Train will NOT run on the standard RC Track that is in use by LEGO, but with a little work, I'm sure it can.

All of the parts are in current production. (except 3 items)

There are several different methods of building, which are not the 'normal' LEGO way, and I have had to modify several items as the parts are either not made or in the colour that I'd needed.

The most obvious one is the curved slopes that make the roof of the cab, they don't come in Green at the moment, but the longer types do, and I had to trim them to fit.

The second is the 'Hook' at the front, between the front buffers,

A standard minifig 'hook/hand' was inserted into a hole that had been made into the center of a standard 1x1 round plate - this was the only way I could get a hook small enough to be used.

Also, at the rear, again, between the buffers is half of a standard 8 long chain link, to represent the linkages used on the actual trains.

Alot of fiddling and thinking went into how to get it to look 'right' and I have to admit, it does look right!

This shot shows the use of the minifig neck brackets that I used to 'hang' the main buffer shield in place, with round 'boat' studs as the buffers, along with a modified (cut) 8l chain link with stud on the ends, to use as the linkage system.

As mentioned, I had to use a minifig 'hook/hand' to represent the hooking/linkage system used upon these trains.
As LEGO doesn't do a Black round 1x1 plate with a hole (white ones only), I had to drill a hole through the standard 1x1 round plate, and then insert the 'hook' into the hole.

This shot shows the use of the arched bricks to represent the 'saddle tank', along with the modified (cut) 1x4 curved slopes, because LEGO does not yet make these in green...

Here is a Dark Blue Version of the Train, in which I used the same methods and this time, LEGO has made those 1x3 curved slopes which I have used for the cab roof, and I am pleased to have this version for my own display.

Hopefully I will be able to build one in Black and another in Dark Red.

If this gets accepted as a Cuusoo set, I just hope that it will inspire LEGO to do another line of Trains.

I would appreciate it if you support this project as I'm sure, putting this 'set' into mainstream production will inspire a 'newer' generation of Train Fans.

On the weekend of 19th and 20th of Jan, the Dark Blue version is on display at the Train Expo at Alexandra Palace, within the Brickish display curtesy of Mr Andrew Walker of Harlow.
Please go and visit, and enjoy the show!

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