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RASHER's older brother...

Another in a line of huge mechs.

The two primary design challenges for creating this mech were 1) to create winged-like shield arms from an extensive collection left over orange Exo slopes [inspiration from Tate Schron] and 2) to develop an interlocking cockpit canopy system that broke the traditional horizontal/vertical brick assembly technique. As the two simultaneously came together, it became clear that the scale of this mech would be eqaul to that of the Titan XP. Though similar in size, the only real likeness the two share is that a spare XP was scrapped for Wraith parts (sorry extra XP!). Other than that the Wraith is more stable, posable and sleek in its use of parts.

Another challenged cropped up when it came time to take it off the building stand. It would need proportionally cool/sized legs and the ability to stand. I (Father ORANGE), absolutely fell in love with the design of the leg and foot system. So much so, that the concept was repurposed in the Wraith's momma said knock you out big brother, RASHER. Be Patient! RASHER you say. Yup, but that's for a later reveal. It was a quite ingenious move to embed two troopers trojan horse style in the back of the Wraith's calves. Each control their own independent blaster turrets, and have a utility case for the storage of additional weapons in a foot battle.

Rotation joints alone are not enough to hold the Wraith up, not to mention let it pose. Ball joint stabilizers were added to each leg for strength. The aesthetic of a visible shock and support system looks really cool. It too has been carried on to the RASHER.

ORANGE it is!

More images -

Chest expands to reveal the cockpit.

The driver

Rear infantry


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