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Ice Cream Bar


Hello, and this is the ice cream bar! This model features an array of 2x4 bricks to represent flavours. I have also used 1x1 round plates to represent scoops of ice cream, and stacked them up to create towers of ice cream scoops. Going to an ice cream bar inspired me to create this model! This will make a great Lego set because it is colourful, looks fun, and is great for ice cream lovers to add creativity and a touch of ice cream to their desk, wherever they go. 

This model is also perfect for children as you could do a role play of someone getting served ice cream. This is a creative, fun, and inspiring model! Please support this so that Lego can make an ice cream bar!

This model contains 233 pieces.

This model also includes:

.An ice cream employee.

.A range of different flavours (2x4 bricks) and scoops of ice cream (1x1 round plates)

.The ice cream partially covered by windows.

.No roof for easier access.

.2 Tills

.1 Side intentionally open for using the minifigure.


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