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Ha-Ya-To - Silver Blade

The Silver Blade is a submarine which is piloted by Ha-Ya-To. Ha-Ya-To is the most daring and careless of all the humans, and will go to extreme measures to satisfy his list for adrenaline. His vehicles therefore tend to be fast and agile, and the Silver Blade is no exception.

As the name suggests, it is extremely fast, and the aesthetics of it also reflect the name. The blades themselves have a rotating feature, and can rotate all the way through 360 degrees, and can also rotate independently of each other, making this vehicle incomprehensibly agile, and very difficult for the Robots to catch. It also has adjustable flaps and wings, which also aid the agility and handling of the vehicle.

The blades also feature hidden missiles, which by pressing the button on the sides of the blades can be fired for that extra level of play. Ha-Ya-To and his Silver Blade can be teamed up with his team mates and their respective mechs, and together they form colossal battle scenes against the Robots (see my projects page for all the other mechs and models).

I have utilised a number of hinges and pivots to give this model a unique and streamlined design. It's great fun to build, looks great in any LEGO collection and measures over 24cm long.

This project along with plenty of others from my time as an automotive design student can also be viewed on my website: 

Hope you like the model, and thanks in advance for the feedback and support



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