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Vintage Kodak Camera

Kodak's folding pocket cameras appeared in the late 19th century and and were still produced around the 1940s. This model (the 3A folding pocket Kodak) was released around 1920 . Those cameras were in fact pocket darkrooms and could take photos on film, but also on glass plates, portrait (first picture) or landscape (third picture).

Unlike automatic digital cameras, at the time you had to adjust the aperture and exposure time yourself, and getting a successful photo was not guaranteed.

I chose colors that go well together: burgundy red combined with black create a chic object, with character, even if most bellows devices are entirely black.

I love vintage aesthetic, and bellows camera are truly beautiful objects. I think it would make a cool Lego Ideas set, being a nice decorative object, not too expensive. I tried to make this camera as detailed as possible, trying to use interesting building techniques, and above all as faithful as possible to the original.

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