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Atlantis: Attack on the Lost City!


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Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, a mysterious ancient civilization lies... Atlantis!
This underwater city of marble is inhabited by Mermaids and Sea Creatures alike. However, some creatures maybe nicer than others...
This city is under attack by a giant Kraken, and it's army of aquatic monsters!

This set clocks in at around 2900 pieces, which include many colorful Corals, luscious green seaweeds,  and beautiful ancient Greek inspired architecture.
It measures at around 2 feet wide, by 1 foot deep, and 1 foot tall.

This minifigures in this set include 2 Mermaids; "Siren," and "Triton"
The monsters include a giant buildable Kraken, as well as a "Sharktopus," and "Tide Glider!" (A manta ray)
The monsters of this sea all have dark black skin, with Greek inspired decals in yellow along their bodies.

This set was heavily inspired by my love for the "Atlantis" theme from LEGO, and especially by set #8061. I hope this Idea can win over the hearts of that old theme, as well as fans of Greek Mythology like myself!

If you enjoy the project, please share it with all your friends. It would mean the world to me!

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