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“Not everybody can buy the most expensive ship in the galaxy.” If you have the Lego Ideas book you have likely seen the Nova Nemesis. This ship is actually a revised, beaten, worn, and very old version of that same ship. When the nova fleet was destroyed there was actually one left, in reapar. The broken space team sold it off to make a little money. The buyer than tried to fix the ship up but didn’t have all of the right equipment and sold it off as a escort to a larger ship. They than sold it off later in there history. As you can see its been through a lot and thats not even half of all it has been through. It has bits of rust on it and as you can see it has been under more than one coat of paint. It actually has more fire power than the original Nova Nemesis did but less engine power. Its biggest downfall is if you want to fly left or right you are going to make a huge but very fast turn. The ship has almost crashed because of this downfall. Otherwise if you don’t have allot of money and need a ship, she is up for sale if you hit that support button. 



Goodbye, God bless, Greenflame24!


P.S. I am going to restrain from chatting in the comment section but am open for positive and critical feedback. Thanks, God bless!

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