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Mosaic of Portuguese Tiles


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Hi everyone !

Famous in the world, the portuguese tiles, also named "azulejos", are one of the symbols of the Iberian peninsula. They can be seen mainly in Portugal and Spain and in their former colonies. Fixed on the walls of the houses or palaces, they are a decorative ornament.

In order to pay tribute to this art, I deciced to design six tiles reproducing the curves and the flowers like we can see usually on portuguese tiles.

Four colors (Bricklink colors) are used in order to respect the caracteristic colors of the portuguese tiles:
- White, exclusivelly for the background.
- Bright light blue.
- Blue.
- Dark blue.

The mosaic can be fixed on a wall with a Technic pin connector block or it can be put on a furniture by using the removable stand built on the back of the mosaic. Due to its universal power of decoration, it can be shown in all of the rooms of an appartement like a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom.

The fifth image of the project reveals the structure of the mosaic : six tiles measuring 12x12 studs fixed with technic pins in a frame measuring 40x27 studs. Each tile has the same technic structure. So, the whole mosaic can be built by choosing the position of the tiles on the mosaic and their directions.

I hope you enjoy this project and thanks for sharing it and for supporting me!

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