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Will & Grace & LEGO


What a blast! Thank you.

Hello to everyone who has supported or is following this project.

With only two weeks left before Will & Grace & LEGO expires, it seems this idea is not to be. So, before the project expires and my ability to post updates is lost, I wanted to share this message of thanks with you all.

Making this project was a great deal of fun. I mostly enjoyed the challenge of recreating the floorplan of Will's apartment as faithfully as I could.

I also really enjoyed meeting so many Will & Grace fans from around the world online as I promoted this project. There was so much positivity for this model and support from fans. (There was even gracious support provided by two Will & Grace cast members, Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes. What a thrill!)

Not every idea is destined to be a LEGO product. This one was very special to me all the same, and I thank everyone who has followed, supported, commented and shared. 

Keep the great ideas coming everyone!