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Hi Guys

I wanted to let you know that as long as nothing is biting all projects are expired because I have all existing and upcoming features many new improvements that I have installed in all trains.
So it is now dear friends wait because it pays for it will come folgene trains:
Br 101 IC
Br 103 IR / Lufthansa Express
Velaro D (the latest ICE 3)
Gravita 15 B
And a few more.

And then bite.


New Trains and comming soons!

I am working on 1 Train:

BR 420    VR = Verkehrsrot / Trafficred / Orange / Blue    IS done!!! :)


Is Here come the moment no trains from Germany that I do come I have always long texts find out about the trains and the always translate with Google translator and that always takes 1-2 hours and I just do not feel like capricious and thus build I just only trains. :)


New couplings

I have finally managed to bring new couplings.
These make it possible to bring the train sensibly by curves.
I also replaced the front improved, now you can also create a double Tracktion (2 trains another couple)
because you have to follow to only 6 steps.
If you do not like the folding protective located above the clutch you can omit it also.

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