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Sky Shuttle - Airport Express


Whisk away to the Airport in style and speed! Hop aboard the motorized Sky Shuttle as it takes you safely to the Mollie Bella International Airport Terminal station.

I built this project to try other ideas with the roller coaster track. I always had the idea of using it like the normal LEGO train track and I thought this airport shuttle idea would be a great fit.

The middle motor mechanical base/chassis was an idea by Jason Allemann (JK Brickworks) and used with permission. I built a beautiful encasing which I think works so well with the overall train design.

This train is fully motorized. Uses a M motor and the AA Battery pack. (see video below)

The model includes 2 stations, one in the city and the other at the airport terminal. The train consists of 1 passenger car (EJ02), 1 passenger and battery car (EJ01) and the motor. Viewing the video below shows that this design does very well work on flat track so being elevated will make it a great and easy addition to any LEGO city.

The battery on/off is accessible from the top of the car using a rod which extends down into the car resting on top of the on/off button, so no need to have to open the car lid to access the on/off button. Makes it very easy to start/stop the train.

The long cars work by using two of the roller coaster car chassis's and a 2x2 turntable to be able to handle the turns.

I also have created two identical elevators for wheelchair assistance. These elevators are fully functional and both work and stay at the second floor by a technic "L" piece which rotates and locks in a cutout (see pictures).

Lastly, one of my favorite parts is the maintenance shed with rolling door. One of the features I really like is the transfer track which will carry one car to the maintenance shed for repairs/maintenance.


  • Two stations (1 City, 1 Airport terminal)
  • Maintenance Shed
  • Transfer Track
  • Two working elevators
  • 1 Passenger train car
  • 1 Passenger and battery car (AA Battery pack)
  • 1 Motor chassis (M Motor)

Hope you like this idea! Please vote!!!

Please check out the train in action

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