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Classic Train Station „New Brickstown“

What is it?
This is the model of a classic German train station built as close to H0 scale as possible without losing the ability to use the LEGO track system.

Why did I build it?
I wanted a realistic looking model railroad that I could put on the living room table and that would allow a larger section of track to be built on a shelf to display for example a long passenger train. The problem with the typical LEGO train models is that they are too big to build nice and realistic looking layouts on a small space. I started building the first train, then a second train, figures, cars, trees, railroad crossing and so on. Finally I needed a train station that isn't too big. That's how I came up with this model.

Why is it a great set?
In addition to the station building, the set contains a small train consisting of a class 80 steam locomotive and two passenger carriages, a bus, two cars, three trees, a telephone booth and figures. You only have to add a few tracks and you have a circle. Together with all the accessories, there are a lot of play possibilities and then the whole thing can be expanded. The smaller scale allow to create cool models with less pieces.

About the set
The station is built on 32x48 studs. The set uses approx. 2800 pieces.

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