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Toyota Prius and Tacoma (New and Improved)

Hello everybody! I’m back with updated models of my Prius and Tacoma. Since my first listing had run out of time, I’ve revised the vehicles as follows: The Tacoma has been redone with a more realistic rear bumper (with a new license plate number), windshield wipers, rear-view mirrors, new bed rails, and a new high brakelight with cargo lamp. The Prius has gained fog-lights and a new front bumper with license plate as well. For anyone who has not seen the old listing, here is the text:
What they are: These are my models of 2 famous Toyota vehicles. You probably remember my Prius, now updated with a full interior, driver, and black stripe (For details on the original, see my “Toyota Prius” entry), and my new Tacoma. The Tacoma features a full interior, working tailgate, and the rear wheels drive a “rear differential” that turns a universal joint. I think that is really good considering that it’s a smallish model. The bed is relatively roomy measuring 5 studs by 4 studs, and you can fit a few good-sized bricks in it, and the interior features 4 seats, steering wheel and shift lever.

Why I built them: I built them because I love cars and I wanted to redo my Prius. you might be interested to know that my Tacoma started out as a Chevrolet Colorado. I think that the vehicles are scaled very close to each other, although the truck is scaled slightly larger than the car. I think they have good play value for kids and adults might find that they have good detail.

Why I think they would make a great Lego set: I think they would make a good set because their good toys for a kid, and they could be display models for an adult. I hope to eventually build something good enough to become a real Lego set, one that I can hold, and compare to my original builds. For more information on these, and other Toyota vehicles, visit the Toyota website.

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