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Carnivorous Plants Collection

There are nearly 700 species of carnivorous plants on Earth, all of whom have adapted to cope with the nutrient lacking conditions they live in. These adaptations include beautiful colours, unique shapes and a vast array of ways to catch their prey. I have chosen four well known species, all of whom have their incredible designs, eye-catching colours and a range of moveable parts.

The Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) has a range of beartrap-like mouths with fine hairs. Once triggered by an insect, the mouth clamps shut on the insect, where they are digested for nutrients. The plants on my design all open and close, allowing you to catch the insects that swarm around this plant.

The Sundew (Drosera) is covered in droplets of sweet smelling dew, once an insect lands on the leaf, the dew acts as a digestive glue and the leaf bends in towards the insect sticking it in place. The sundews on my design all roll up in order to ensnare the flies around the plants.

The Butterwort (Pinguicula) has sticky bristles on its leaves which prevent insects that crawl onto it from moving, it then releases enzymes which digest the insects for food.

The Pitcher plant (Nepenthes) uses its unique pitcher shaped leaf and sweet smelling pheromones to lure insects to fall into the enzymes at the bottom of the pitcher. The top of my pitcher can close so that you can change the look of your plant in order to display it as you’d like.

All the plants come with their own different sized pots in order to help you display these eye-catching plants around your home.

The plants also come with flies and ants, whose positions you can alter to trap them within each plant in the unique ways that have made these plants so well known.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will support and share this set, so that other people can have the chance to show these plants off to their friends and family.

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