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The Lock Keeper’s House

The Lock Keeper’s House

“It’s a warm summer day. Many people are out in their boats. To get to the lake everyone needs to go through the city canals and the boat lock. The Lock Keeper is in charge and for a small fee he will let you through. His house is right next to it. His family has been living there for generations.
The postman is bringing the mail and George is about to knock at the door to visit Mary, the Lock Keepers daughter. He brought her flowers and made sure he is looking his best to impress her (and her father as he is a protective fellow!).
The renter, who lives on the top floor, is enjoying a quiet afternoon on his rooftop terrace, while John the carpenter is doing some repair work to the front side.”

I build this modular house to fit in the modular house series and to add the ‘water’ dimension to the city streets.
The lock doors actually move and the boat can be moored. Further details include the small canal bridge with the matching street lights, the postman’s cart and the scafolding for the repair works.
All the rooms have a rich interior. The ground floor even has some works of art (Mondriaan) on the walls. Eight minifigures complete the scene.

I hope you like it!

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