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Christmas Elves House


About This Project:

This project is my Christmas Elves house. This is my third attempt at making a house for some of Santa's helpers. This house is home to two of Santa's elves who are married. Outside the house is a snow covered yard with a couple of trees, a deer, a penguin, a snowman, a walkway, firewood with an ax, and the married couple. The house's roof can open and close for access inside. Inside the house is a small kitchen, a Christmas Tree with some gifts under it, a chair for relaxing in front of the fireplace, a fireplace, a workbench with a vise on it, and shelves with tools. Upstairs is the bedroom with a bed, some tools in a barrel, and a lamp on a nightstand. Both the upstairs and the downstairs have tiled purple floors. There is a ladder for reaching the second floor. There are two wreaths on the home one above the fireplace inside and the other is outside above the second floor window. The roof is snow covered as well as the window sills and the overhang around the house. There is a stained glass window beside the chimney. 

Play Features:

  • The house's roof can open and close for access inside the house.


  • Two Christmas Elves minifigures.
  • A deer.
  • A penguin.
  • Many minifigure accessories like various tools, a paint brush, a remote control for a toy, and an ax.

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Happy Building.


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