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Turbo racers set.


Here is some Turbo Racers, that did not come in LEGO bricks, but ended up as sheap toys in kids fastfood. But I chose to take the challenge because I think it would be a shame if they were to be forgotten. I made a sbio for each of the cars.


EZ Rally: (Blue and Gray, parts cont: 57)                                                                                                    Is the king of motor sports, but not without a fight from Rally Fire.

Rally Fire: (Red, White and Dk. Gray, parts cont: 51)                                                                                 Is very manoeuvrable on twisted dirt roads, but is always ends in the shade EZ Rally

Curve Chaser: (Black, Yellow and Dk. Red, parts cont: 42)                                                                Goes flat out through bends, and always sideways as as possible.

Lap Star: (White and Dk. Gray, parts cont: 64)                                                                                        This pickup is not to be fooled by. It is fast both on road and offroad.

Sports Racer: (Black, Yellow and Lime, parts cont: 52)                                                                         This Ute is fast, slick and low. Always on the hunt for a race.

4x2 Turbo: (Black and Orange, past cont: 65) This rugged buggy, can climb the most difficult terrain, with it's massive suspension and deep-tread tires.

Circuit Star: (Dk. Green and White, parts cont: 52)                                                                                  Always searching for the best setup for the track. Second place is not a option.

Curve Cruiser: (Black, Purple and Yellow, parts cont: 49)                                                                  Pedal to the metal, this muscle car roars from its V8 engine.

(Total parts: 432)

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