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Keepsake Cottage

This adorable cottage reminiscent of a sleepy country village is nestling among a wild flower garden. The pebble courtyard leads you to the family cat stretching on the front step and around the back to a wooden bench. A place where you can imagine sitting to ponder, absorb the hazy afternoon sun and listen to the sounds of the countryside. It however holds a secret! The entire front facade can be pulled out to reveal a secret drawer, perfect for a desk tidy or for holding your keepsakes safe!
You may notice that there are design details built into the drawer so from the back of the cottage it looks like there are curtains at the windows when the drawer is closed.
This design originally started out to be functional as a desk tidy and it has somewhat evolved to be both functional and pretty. At first glance you would never know it was a drawer!
I would love for this design to become an Ideas set so that others can prettify their desks too! Please support my design. Thank you

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