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Lex Luthor's Dune Buggy

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Lex Luther's Dune Buggy with the deconstructor cannon, this project started as a Batman Dune Buggy but I found it hard to make it special in someway to relate it to Batman. When I thought about weaponry I thought the cannon would be instantly recognisable.

Not all the colours would be my first choice but the 4x4 wedge and some of the modified bricks are only available in certain colours, so I found it a challenge to try keep the buggy "on theme".

The buggy and cannon are powered by the kyptonite housed over the rear axle. At one stage I had thought of having Lex stood in the back of the buggy firing the cannon with the Joker driving but it looked a bit odd so I decided to modify it.

I recently acquired set 6519 Turbo Tiger ( and thought it was a neat way of making a roll cage, so it inspired me to make the dune buggy. I really like the way the headlights turned out, although if this was to be a production model I could forsee Lego wanting to remodel the front because it's a bit fiddley for youngsters to build.

In terms of pricing I think this would be a £10 set or it could be combined with a set like the Robin's Quad bike I made earlier for £14-£15. I'm not sure why Robin would be chasing Lex Luthor though, someone will need to think of a creative storyline! ;-)

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