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Neon District


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Deep within Bricksburg, in the year 2579, lies the Neon District. While many minifigures, droids and hover vehicles only pass through this space on a daily basis, the local business owners and customers you will find bring out this district's character. On the lower level, Becky the droid mechanic has set up shop. Selling, building and fixing droids, she is a popular retailer to visit because of her colorful, yet messy, personality. Take the teleporter to the next floor and you will find the esteemed restaurant Bricksburg Hibachi, owned by Hibachi Bob, creator of culinary spectacles. Whizzing between tables, the kitchen and greeting new guests, Bob is truly a multitasking master. Teleport up one more level and you will find every sci-fi enthusiast's favorite hangout, Bricksburg Comics. Resident grader and self proclaimed nerd Comic Cameron knows all there is to know about comics and sci-fi. From hosting weekly games of Pieces and Dragons to serving up delicious bubble tea, Cameron takes everyone he meets into another world.

The Neon District contains many stories and adventures that are waiting to be discovered, as well as being an impressive showpiece. Any town, past or future, will benefit from the life and character that this build will bring.

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