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Goblin War Chariot



New Set Approved! Elf Border Raid

7th set approved... please check out and share/support... thanks :D


You're not afraid of a little bitty spider are you?

New Project: Goblin Spider Rider approved




New Goblin Polybag project submitted today!

Stay tuned... :D


Lego Fantasy Battle sets 4x100 supporters! (530 in total to date)

The first 4 sets in the Lego fantasy battle range have now all reached 100 supporters... so I'm happy to announce that the next 4 sets will be coming very soon (in time for the Easter holidays). Thank you for your continued support and please continue to post / blog / tweet / share on Flickr and encourage everyone you know to support and share also.

They currently stand as follows:

Elf Battle Chariot = 100
Orc War Boar = 154
Goblin Battle Chariot = 160
Goblin Battle Platform = 116

Please also continue to send your suggestions in... this last week I've been busy working on a set requested by an A.S. from Melbourne Australia - well actually his request inspired me to build something else... which then morphed into a 3 in 1 type set. It is fun, eye-catching and has a lot of play potential which is very exciting.

So stay tuned all you greenskin and elf faction lovers... These next 4 sets are definitely for you :D

Much love,


Goblin War Chariot has 1 in 5 supporting it!

Thank you Lego Fantasy Battle fans!

20% of everyone who saw the Goblin War Chariot supported it... which is a better ratio than any of my other supported sets.

So far that makes 4 sets in the range (with more to follow) so if you like the idea of building up your Lego armies with well designed sets and fun structures to play with... if you want to create castle / medieval / fantasy based worlds to fire up your imagination... if you want to play well and maybe learn some strategy and tactical skills... what are you waiting for?

Please vote. Please share. Please build and submit your own projects to LegoIDEAS!