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Medieval Tower(Watchtower 2)


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This tower is a surveillance tower designed to monitor the movements of the enemy. It is not a castle for combat. It is a tower built on a high rock mountain and is guarded by only a small number of people.
This work is entirely made of towers and boulders. The tower consists of two floors at the base and four floors at the tower. At the base, the top part is detachable like a modular.
The rock section consists of an underground warehouse and a defensive site.

Except for the underground warehouse, the interior was not filled. As a result, the work was desolate, so I put in the lady who visited, the lady who climbed a rough mountain to find her boyfriend, her beloved soldier, and the soldiers who looked at it with envy.
Above all, this tower used different blocks instead of gray and gray brick blocks, which are commonly used for castles or towers. I wanted to express a more different texture.
You can also decorate the outside in your own style using tile blocks to create your own tower. Of course, I think you can play.

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