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A LEGO City without a ZOO isn’t a finished city.

So I came up with an awesome idea the design a playable ZOO that is fun the collect for children and AFOL’s. Unfortunately there aren’t much ZOO animals jet. So I tried to do the best as possible for me to suggest some animals. Not all kinds of animals are in my idea for an example there is an Elephant missing.

The ZOO exists out of 6 different sets:

-          Zoo-Entrance made out of 1771 parts/pcs. The entrance exists out of 4 waiting lines, a fountain, 2 tree’s and 2 time clocks. The set also comes with 6 minifigures (3 zookeepers and a family out of 3), 3 birds and an hidden snake (made out of bricks in case you didn’t notice).


-          Zoo-Keeper truck made out of 228 parts/pcs. The set comes with of course a zoo keeper and his truck to drive around, 8 banana’s, 8 cherry’s, 8 carrots and 4 apples to feed the animals.


-          Zoo-Crocodile made out of 265 parts/pcs. The set comes with 3 minifigures and a crocodile. The scenery had to look like a swap were the crocodile can hide in. This set also includes a bench to sit on for the minifigures in the park.


-          Zoo-Monkey made out of 430 parts/pcs. The set is made on a little island were the monkeys live on. This set includes 4 monkeys, 4 banana’s and also a bench.


-          Zoo-Tiger made out of 647 parts/pcs. The scenery of this set comes out of India were one of the natural habitats is of a tiger. In this set you can find a cave were the tigers can sleep in and walk bridge to get a view form a higher point. This set includes 2 tigers and 3 minifigures and also a bench.


-          Zoo-Giraffe/Zebra made out of 472 parts/pcs. The animals live in a combined environment which suggests as the savanna. This set includes 2 giraffes, 2 zebra’s and also a bench.


All animals sets includes a modular fence system so can make it how you like it to have. These sets all combined exists out of 3813 parts/pcs. So there will be enough building fun for this one.

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