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Svetruck 16120 Forklift


This LEGO set proposal is a model of a Svetruck forklift. Svetruck is a Swedish manufactory specialized in big-sized forklift - the smallest model with 10.000 kg lifting capacity. This model is inspired from their Svetruck 16120 with a 16.000 kg lifting capacity. The model is built in the ratio 1:14 and I have strived to make everything as close to the real thing as possible.

I have found the inspiration to build this model from working with forklift through more than 20 years and have always been particularly fascinated by the Svetruck. I hope this model will fascinate both kids and adults with its authentic design and many functional features. 


  • 6 electronic engines
  • Can drive forward, backwards and turn
  • Can lift forks to a height of 10 cm
  • Can tip the mast forth and back
  • All can be controlled with a wireless remote control  

This model will do a great LEGO set because it appeals to both adults with a an interest in fascinating real life machines and to kids who can play with the features in endless ways. Furthermore the technical and advanced construction will be a fun challenge for both new and experienced LEGO builders.


- Hight: 23 cm
- Width: 19 cm
- Length: 41 cm

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