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The Lightning Thief Trio. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

This is a collection of three small vignettes showcasing the main characters of Percy Jackson and The Olympians. This is an often-overlooked franchise that has some potential to be great for making a toy line around. Plus with rumblings of a Disney+ series floating around who knows? Maybe the franchise will find new legs. This set would give you all the characters you need to reenact scenes from the book and create new adventures all your own. You can even bolster the fun by using Lego's impressive roster of monsters and mythological beasts. In the center, Percy Jackson is standing on a rock in his favorite element, the sea. To the left is his girlfriend Annebeth Chase who's admiring the architecture of some ancient shrine and to his right is his friend Grover Undewood who's in the woods making friends with a runaway pink poodle. 

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