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Armored Transport Train (V2)


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Introducing the revamped Armored Transport Train! I revisited the old idea, made some big edits, redesigns, and adjustments, and now I present to you Version 2!

The set still comes with the armored engine, flatbed, and two cargo carriers, but the loading station has been expanded to have a bigger security office, two loading bays, a storage shack, railroad switch level, and more!

Features include:

  • Opening engine interior and compartments, allowing access to the engine's vitals
  • Opening doors on the cargo cars
  • Folding window shields on the engine
  • Crates with diamonds and gold
  • Security office with key, gun, and TV
  • Storage shack with extra crates
  • Handcart

Also comes with an engineer, two guards, a worker, and a burglar attempting to steal the train's valuables!

I feel this would be an excellent addition to any train layout, as the go-to train for transporting valuables and VIPs! So if you want this armored beast in your collection, be sure to like and share! Thanks!

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