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Zoltar Speaks! From 'Big' (1988)


This is my Lego rendition of the Zoltar Speaks fortune teller machine from the 1988 film 'Big'. The whole build has been designed to allow you to essentially 'puppet' Zoltar himself from behind the machine, by simply moving the brick extended out up and down, in order to move the lower section of the mouth. Additionally, there is a mechanism built into the body of the machine such that spinning either of the two wheels on the front of the machine will release a 2x1 white tile at the bottom of the machine, which could be printed with a number of messages of course including 'Your Wish is Granted'. There are a number of other plate details on the build which would also benefit from prints, especially the red plates behind and in front of Zoltar himself.

I have tried to replicate the various details of the machine as faithfully as possible and to get in as much detail as possible along with the many contours of the machine, while also offering some fun little features to bring the whole thing to life. I also built it to be able to fit in a number of clear pieces to act as glass but in the end I think it looks best without these pieces, as in the pictures. I hope that people like the look of the build and that this will be a Lego creation many Lego fans and movie buffs alike would love to have as part of their collection.

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