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Parisian Alleys (Modular Pedestrian Street Project)


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Do you feel it? Feel these smells? In the air there is a quaint mixture of flavors of fresh baked bread, strong coffee, young cheese, spring flowers and of course the most fashionable perfume.

Dear friends, welcome to Paris!

I invite you for a walk along the Parisian pedestrian streets.

In this set I decided to recreate a little piece of this beautiful city.

A wide pedestrian street is divided into 2 narrow streets to simulate the winding streets of Montmartre.

This project is called "Parisian alleys"

This is the continuation of my modular pedestrian street.

This is the middle set.  

The first, the starter set of the modular pedestrian street you can see and support here:


Like the first set this set has its own interesting story and plot for the game.

This time the plot is related with magic and dark forces.

Behind this gloomy door there is the office of Madame Brochant, the famous fortune-teller and witch.

Very gloomy interior will greet you on the first floor. A vintage cupboard with ancient artifacts, an old intimidating ritual mask, a bouquet of black roses.

The office of Madame Brochant is on the second floor.

Everything here calls a horror.

Some magical potion is boiling on the fire in the fireplace. There are magic ball, a table behind which a talks with spirits take place.

But the most important thing on the second floor is the old big mirror of Madame Brochant.


Dozens of ghosts live inside this mirror. Madame Broshan knows how to call them and she may talk with them.

Now she called the ghost of an old pirate to meeting with two carefree tourists. Now they are terrified.

Let's take a closer look at this mirror.

What is it?! Door?! 

But where does it lead? To the world of ghosts?

No. This door leads to Maurice's secret room.

Maurice is a talented assistant of Madame Brochant. He can turn into anyone with the help of makeup and costumes.

Yes, Madame Brochant and Maurice are just talented charlatans and deceivers. And they earn very well by their business.

Now we back to the description of the set.

Inside three buildings there are:


Artist's workshop;

Shop of paintings;

The room of a young writer girl;

Cafe "Green Windmill"

Cheese shop;

Fashion boutique.

Project consist of 2998 parts.

The project is traditionally located on three baseplates 16 * 32.

Plates are attached to each other only in two places (on the edges of baseplates) This makes it easy to disconnect and connect the baseplates from each other.

More images with intersting detail of this set I will show you in updates very soon.

I hope that you liked this set and you will support it!


Also, I ask you to support my first project of a pedestrian street!

Modular pedestrian street: In search of lost treasures.

Here is a link to it:



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