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Hello everyone, I'm Matteo, this is my first LEGO fan made model.

I tried to make a flying ghost ship, with a sort of steampunk style, called StormBringer

I always loved LEGO pirates ship, so I tried to make a personalized pirate ship with some spooky feature.

Using LDD I had a lot of choise for the bricks to use and I had more creativity as I did with wings and "mills" on the sides.

The majorty of used elements are lightning bolts. That's why is called StormBringer. I combined my passion for pirates ships and my love for lightnings to create a ship perfect for my taste. The sails are made up by dark grey and trasparent light blue chains, blue flags and a light blue dragon head attached to the pole to the prow.

Ship's company is composed by flying skeleton, fighting with electric swords.

I tried to make something strange and original at the same time only combining my passions for pirates and lightnin/storms.


I hope you will enjoy it.

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