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Exchangeable Lego Lorry


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The Exchangeable Lego Lorry

I designed this lorry in a way so that you as a lego builder or player shoulde be able to change the appearence and transform it to whatever you want the lorry to be. In the set, you get the lorry base, a ladder component and a pick-up platform component. But you coulde easily builde you own component and extend you lorrys capabilietys.

I think this set would be a perfect lego set because it´s one of the few models with capabiliety to change its functions, it´s also quite small and it doesn´t contain to rare pieces so you can easily mix it with your own lego and the production cost is quite low.

Let´s make this into a real lego set! I´m looking forward to see what you guys will come up with! :D

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